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4 Common Issues for Online Stores and How to Solve Them

17/10/2016 | Share:

Everyone has had an issue with e-commerce at least once in their lifetime. Some are major, some are just a little annoying – it’s the way of the modern world.

But how can you make your online store fault free and fabulous? Jot down this quartet of common problems and solutions.

Problem #1: It’s too complicated

Users want a nice, gentle shopping experience close to what they know in the physical world. Around 50% of sales worldwide are lost to frustrated customers – buying a product from your website should be as easy as buying bread from a shop.
Solution: Ensure your navigation bar and search functions are slick and easy to use, and use heat map tools to understand your shoppers’ behaviour. Keep your site clutter-free and pleasant to look at, too.

Problem #2: You can’t feel it

Deep down, we humans are simple beings, and being able to feel, touch, taste or smell a product gives the high street an eternal advantage over the online world.
Solution: You have to give customers an experience when it comes to buying your product. Whether it’s a rotating, 360 view of the trainers they’re looking at, or a zoom-in look at the material on that dress, there’s no harm in being ambitious. Good, clear copy is important, too – make sure you sell well.

Problem #3: They don’t trust you

Online theft is an unfortunate reality of the modern day, and it is absolutely right that people should be sceptical of online purchases. The challenge is enforcing that trust.
Solution: It’s easier for the big brand names of course, but building your brand with marketing and social media is the easiest way to breed confidence in your site. In the meantime, clearly showing your location, phone number and a live chat option can help, along with any accreditations you might be able to boast.

Problem #4: There is too much choice

It sounds crazy, but psychologists have deduced that having too much choice is actually a bad thing in the world of online shopping.
Solution: Narrow down the choices, and curate your site in a way that supports the customer through their experience. Most customers will browse a site not knowing exactly what they want, but that they want it now!

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