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3 Top Tips On Launching Your January Sale

05/12/2017 | Share:

With the January sale season almost upon us, in this blog we take a look at how to set your ecommerce business apart from your competitors and capitalise on your customers desire to find a bargain.

1. Look at launching your sale in December/Christmas time

Why not follow the lead of the major retailers and launch your sale at Christmas time. Last year a number of major high street brands started their online sales on Christmas Day, with Marks & Spencer notoriously launching their ecommerce sale thirty minutes after their high street stores had closed on Christmas Eve.

We appreciate it will mean extra work for you over the Christmas period, but by launching your sale before the end of the year, you will likely get the jump on your competitors.

Of course if you do decide to start your sale over the Christmas period, don’t forget to set your customer’s expectations by updating the delivery details on your website and confirming when you will be available to respond to any customer service queries.

2. Jump onto the holiday booking bandwagon

Due to the dreary winter weather and the need for consumers to have something fun to look forward to, the travel companies launch their major summer holiday campaigns in December and throughout the Christmas period. Therefore in order to tap into this major marketing event, why not give your sale items a sunny twist?

By featuring dream holiday destinations as a back drop to your sale marketing messages, you can really make your reduced products pop, especially if your ecommerce business sells luggage, holiday hair & beauty items, travel toys or pet travel accessories.

3. Use your social media channels to create ‘sale’ anticipation

Once the last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery has passed, reach out to your target audience and start hinting at your up and coming sale across your social media channels.

It wouldn’t be wise to promote a discount figure or percentage (as you will most likely annoy your customers who paid full price for a product), however by teasing your sale launch date along with items which have a sunny twist (to capitalise on all the money being spent on marketing by the travel companies). Consider products which are classed as out of season, discontinued or drastically reduced.

So there you have it, by bringing your January sale forward by a week or so, you can really set your ecommerce business apart from your competitors as well as keeping your customers happy and helping them find a sale bargain.

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